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Why Todos Santos is a Must Visit Destination!

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

The beauty of the Southern Baja is legendary, and the Todos Santos is a sparking oasis gem in this region of Mexico. Known for its laid-back artistic vibes and historic cobblestone streets, Todos Santos has become a destination for those seeking a more self-directed experience in travel destinations.

Todos Santos El Centro painted by local artists
Todos Santos Sign painted by local artists!

With a designation of Pueblo Magico in Mexico, Todos Santos is free of gated resorts that would block the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and is known for the most exotic sunsets imaginable – every evening without fail.

sunset in Todos Santos Mexico Pueblo Magico on the streets
Dusk on the streets of Todos Santos

El Centro in Todos Santos Pueblo Magico is eye candy delightful and peaceful most of the time, although there are many markets and fiestas in the square beside the church. I will deep dive into more about the Todos Santos festivals and markets in future posts - be sure to head to our Desert Fox Baja home page to sign up for weekly inbox insider updates about events that are not widely published outside of the town you won't want to miss!

Our Lady of Guadalupe statue in Todos Santos Baja Mexico
Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mary Mother of Jesus)

Although Todos Santos is well known for its historical Hotel California - there is much more to see and take in around town. None the less its a perfect place to snap a photo for bragging rights!

Hotel California in Todos Santos Baja Sur Mexico
Hotel California Todos Santos Baja

El Centro Square is a gathering place for locals and in the center of town next the the church. Festivals and markets take place here most weekends including carnivals, beer and wine events, and the legendary Mango Festival at harvest!

El Centro Square todos santos Baja California Pueblo Magico
El Centro Square Todos Santos Baja

Craving a luxury experience? You MUST head to Oystera! This is a new building that has historical feels. Serving world class food and drinks, and with several lovely art shops to peruse, it is a definitely worth the visit while cruising around this Pueblo Magico.

Oystera Restaurant and event center in Todos Santos Baja California Mexico fans entryway doorway
Oystera Entryway in Todos Santos

Oystera front door entrance todos santos baja california mexico awnings vines
Oystera Front Entrance Todos Santos

It is highly recommended to rent a car for at least a few days, as there are many places genuinely worth experiencing that will only be accessible by vehicle. As Todos Santos is not a typical resort style destination your trip will be further enhanced by the opportunity to explore!

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Muchas Gracias Amigos!

Angie - owner of Desert Fox Baja


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